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A Guide to Data Center Backup Power

Any faults in data center designs can be quite costly. Here is everything you ought to understand when it comes to data center power distribution. About 36 percent of data center failures occur due to power failures. Since data centers are where you keep your most vital computer systems, any type of power interruption can be upsetting to your company. Any downtime could result to losing tons of work as well as finding yourself dealing with disgruntled clients when they cannot reach you or it becomes overwhelming to ask data they may have stored with your firm. In addition, you may lose essential data resulting from the failure. Thirty-six percent is an astonishingly great number; even with quality data center power distribution, it my still happen to you. You can’t stop a power interruption from occurring. Nonetheless, it would be a wise idea to prepare for one and reduce losses incurred. In the post, we will discuss a few factors about data center power distribution you ought to know about.

Without proper vigilance, you could easily find yourself with too much or too little power for your requirements. So it would be a good thought to take time and determine exactly how much power your data center will need for backup early on to prevent making costly errors. One of the major errors that people usually make is letting their needs on the nameplate power rating on their serves dictate their decisions. In a majority of real-world cases, the servers will only consume roughly 50 percent of their CPU capacity at any given time. This implies basing your backup power computations on nameplate power ratings will only result in your spending way more than what is needed. Instead, it is best to check the past power usage for your data center. Without doubt, you should go for a potent solution that provides a bit more than your past maximum usage; however, there is no need to go over the line.
A decent backup system should have a few points of failure designed into it. Otherwise, you might risk the entire backup system failing. A good option would to use two power distribution units in your backup system. In this instance, the odds of your whole power system breaking down becomes significantly small.

Guarantee that you carefully go through the equipment you settle for to suit your backup system. You could find yourself with a system that provides much more power than what you precisely need, or even end up with one that will overwork your uninterruptible power supply (UPS). To prevent tripping your UPS, be sure you read through your servers’ documentation carefully and pick an option that is well-suited with the equipment you have. It should be suitable for the task.
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